Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It was all a dream...

My new release daydream is out, and on special for just 99L until July 27th.

52 prims
20 x 20 footprint

This pretty little home is decorated in light and slightly worn lavender shades. The scripted blinds give you more privacy when desired. The build can easily be used as both a ground level home and skybox.

I've had this home ready for several months, and one of my very good friends, Temperance Seerose, requested a copy of it and decorated it. I've included some picks of her daydream home decorated from her furniture collection.

That is me and another good friend, Alessa Adored, in the pictures. Come take a look at daydream at my inworld store, SLURL below;

<3 Fleetwind Soulstar

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Our Sakura House

One of the things I love about building homes is seeing what people do with them. It's exciting to see how people fill out the space and add their own personal touches.

About a week ago I received a notecard from Dojiba Sabra, she and her partner Wiz Elswit purchased my Sakura House and have done a lovely job of decorating it.

They have made their own minor modifications to the textures. Then adding and Infinity kitchen to the home, which fits in just perfectly, definitely my favorite feature.

Dojiba made a comment that I really liked, because I think it sums up the atmosphere I try to create with my builds, " Even though it has an open floor plan, it's still so cozy. I say this house 'wraps her arms around us'. The way the light plays on the walls at different times of the day adds to the charm."

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Blu no.2

Today I dropped my first group gift! I plan to drop more but I really wanted to put something out to celebrate my new store, so I decided to do a special edition of my blu skybox.

This weekend while doing the Rocking Friday sale I saw some great grunge textures from monolith. I was itching to use them for something and they turned out to be perfect for my lil' renovation project...the result is blu no. 2!

Blu was probably my first really inspired build, I actually built it in one night. For my gift i've made some improvments/changes, adding a sculpted stair and some drapes for the wide windows.

If you'd like a copy of this skybox for yourself visit my inworld store and join my starwind group. SLURL link below.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Auguste's Meadow

This weekend was a very big weekend for Starwind Homes, I opened a new store and released a new build. But more on that later lol.

What I really wanted to show you was some pictures I took of Auguste Finistair's Meadow box. Meadow was probably my first build to really sell well on xstreet so I was very excited to see what Auguste had done.

She's modified some of the textures to go with her urban chic look. I really loved the ivy textures and those super cute suitcase couches from LISP Bazaar (want!) but really my favorite feature was the strings of lights.

Keep sending me the pics! I really love seeing what people do with my builds. Part of the reason I leave them open concept is I want to leave them open to be a canvas for your own visions :D

<3 Fleetwind Soustar

Monday, June 21, 2010

Introducing Starwind Shapes

The first thing I ever made in SL was a shape, long before I decided to try my hand at building. The shapes I create are always very feminine and curvy. For my first shape available on SL marketplace though I decided to create a more slender shape.

Lilly is the first shape from my blossoms collection. She has a face that is sweet and delicate, and a figure that is slender but with subtle curves. She is also very affordable at only 99L !

Lilly can be purchased using the link below;

Friday, June 18, 2010

all the way to china.. first blog post. Well this blog is way for me to let people know about my latest designs. Right now I have several homes listed on xstreet..or what will soon be known as the SL marketplace. I suppose a good way to start is with my latest release, Sakura. Sakura is open concept, two level, asian inspired home. The home is panelled in a rich hardwood patterns with a deep cherry red used on details like beams, railings, and stairs. The design is modern in concept but the rich wood and cherry details give it the touch of the exotic. I love lots of windows and these ones are lightly tinted adding to the warmth of the design. Finally, my favourite feature is the pagoda covered balcony.

The home also comes with a little story. One day a friend and I drove a race car off a sandbox platform several thousand metres in the air (we were bored, what can I say) and some random sl glitch allowed us to plunge all the way through the sl grid to ...China! lol, or at least a very beautiful Asian inspired sim which planted the little seed of inspiration to me that eventually grew into Sakura. The home is suitable as both a ground level home or as skybox, and is a very generous size of 30x30m for only a 107 prims.

Sakura can be purchased through the following link

Advertisement and other images courtesy of Alessa Adored